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[EU] [UK] [18+ Only] Consistent Platinum player LFT and/or org

CiaranCiaran Member Posts: 8 Rookie

[EU] [UK] [18+ ONLY]

Hi there, I'm Ciaran a second entry/flex player. :) 

Preface: I am looking for a serious fluent English speaking dedicated 18+ team that is looking to progress in the competitive R6 scene, I don't want a to join a team that is full of minors playing open leagues.

Age: 19
Rank: Platinum 3 Consistent for 5 seasons in a row.
 Role: Second entry/ flex
Hours: Approximately  4k~

 What I am Looking for in a team:
 I am looking for a UK based team that is dedicated to success and does regular training and scrims to improve as a team. I am looking for a team that has friendly members and staff that gel well together as success comes from a good team chemistry. Premade strats to learn and practice would be preferred however it is not a definitive requirement but strongly encouraged that you do. I would also strongly prefer for the the team to have a solid staff basis, I.e. coach, analyst etc However I can understand if one or so is missing however yet again I would encourage you to recruit one as they add a lot to the overall team effectiveness and success rate. Lastly but by no means least Vod reviews of scrims and meeting sessions are also something I would strongly like to have as they provide unparalleled value for team members to improve from.

What I can offer the team:
  I am a strong dependable platinum player for 5 consistent seasons that has been playing since the beta days, I have good game knowledge and callout proficiency (however team specific callouts are more then welcome to be learned) I am a second entry/flex player who is reliable and works well in a team. Feel free to DM me for further info and/or questions on discord as I'd love to hear from you. Thanks   

 Discord: Ciaran#2851
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