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BrainStorm R6 LF support staff (EU)

POST_ZOOT.5PPOST_ZOOT.5P Member Posts: 7 Rookie
BrainStorm R6 is looking for support staff to help make strats and analyse the teams game play. BrainStorm R6 is an 18+ t4 Team that competes in the stylex professional league for a prize pool of £320. We also compete in as many t3 qualifiers as possible, as well as the faceit sunday comps. We are a committed 5 stack that have been playing together for almost 3 months now so the team's synergy is good. We all strive to improve and all take criticism well. Despite being a relatively new team, we have come 2nd in the last Stylex Open league and reached round 32 on the Faceit Sunday Comp 3 times. We also competed in the CCS qualifiers and JBL Nordic Comp getting knocked out by T2 teams (Homeless and Macko respectively). The Brainstorm community consists of a small discord server, twitter account, twitch channel and yt channel. We are also part of many R6 discord such as RCS (F tier), Tallent league and have partnerships with many T4 teams. As a team we all want to improve and keep working our way up the R6 competitive scene.
We are looking for a committed coach/ analyst as well as a manager/ admin to look after the team's socials, find fixtures and sponsors. For the coach, we are looking for someone who can attend regular practice sessions, give constructive advice to the players and has prior competitive siege experience. We are looking for a coach who is committed to the team and wants to see the team succeed. As a coach you will be entitled to a 6th share of any prize money. As we are a amature team we have no way to pay a coach and manager, however if you're committed to the team and help the team  win prizes, you will be entitled to a cut of the money.
If you are interested please DM me, I will send an invite to the server so you can watch past vods, meet the team and decide if it's a good fit.
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