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10 years gone- whats changed ? really would appreciate a short crashcourse

PeacePeace Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Hey mates, im just flashed about the changes on ESL and wanted to ask, if i can get a short crash course maybe ?
We want to group a cs go team, and i remember from Crossfire 10 years before that we can play in leagues also. But i feel very lost on this updated site and just see tournaments.
So do i see it right, today you only can join tournaments or do i just dont find the right site ? :D
And only a few games are left to join with - and just tournaments ? I remember esl even got the option in so much games like Crossfire or even something like yea ICQ games :D

I really would appreciate a short refresh of my knowledge here so we can go in ! :)
Best regards and thank you,



  • Kirstenwilliamson23Kirstenwilliamson23 Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    I think that you would need not to have to have a crashcourse about this or something. I think that all you would have to do is try to practice the game once more and see if the skills will naturally come back to you even if you haven't tried it out for years. I think that is actually possible and amazing I must say. If it doesn't, then maybe watching a few videos on youtube might help. i think that can be. great way on how to refresh your knowledge about the game. I think you should try it.
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