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10 years gone- whats changed ? really would appreciate a short crashcourse

PeacePeace Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Hey mates, im just flashed about the changes on ESL and wanted to ask, if i can get a short crash course maybe ?
We want to group a cs go team, and i remember from Crossfire 10 years before that we can play in leagues also. But i feel very lost on this updated site and just see tournaments.
So do i see it right, today you only can join tournaments or do i just dont find the right site ? :D
And only a few games are left to join with - and just tournaments ? I remember esl even got the option in so much games like Crossfire or even something like yea ICQ games :D

I really would appreciate a short refresh of my knowledge here so we can go in ! :)
Best regards and thank you,

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