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Looking for team

HadrianHadrian Member Posts: 2 Rookie
Hi all, I'm looking to join a team to possibly have a few of playing competitively with.

Region: EU

In Game Name: Hadrian-.

Discords: Hadrian#1797

Ages: 29

Ranks: Plat 3 currently just finished placements

Roles: Flex

Main Ops -
Attack: Hibana, Buck, Nomad
Defence: Valkyrie, Lesion, Jager

I'm more than happy to play any operator and can slot into where needed

Hours in game: 1000+

I've not had any previous competitive experience as such but many hours within the game both in teams and solo play, was meant to be in a team a while back but that never got the traction to get going sadly. I'm friendly and happy to chat with anyone. Calm and give callouts where needed. In terms of availability most nights through the weekday are fine and Sunday I tend to be free the whole day normally.


  • BlaineyBlainey Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    Hi Hadrian,

    We are currently recruiting players for Team Uknighted. If you would like to contact our Team Captain via Discord: nkhudson#2841
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