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2 players looking for comp team.

PherPher Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
Me and my friend are looking for a team to kick off our competitive scene with. We may not have experience being on a team but we are willing to learn and grow with a team that we can build a relationship with and build a winning team. Our info are as follows:

Region: NA (more specifically if it matters Eastern U.S)

In Game Names: PhinalPher (Mine), LastlyLog (Friend).

Discords: PhinalPher#1105 (Mine), LastlyLog#4909 (Friend).

Ages: Both 18.

Ranks: Gold III for us both (Also both peaked Plat III).

Roles: We can play any role required.

Pher's Mains (3 ops on each side): Def - Maestro, Mozzie, Vigil.
                                                         Atk - Nomad, Twitch, Ash.

Log's Mains (3 ops on each side): Def - Mira, Rook, Smoke
                                                       Atk - Ace, Zero, Zofia

Hours in game: 1000 for us both.

If any team or org is interested just let us know over Discord and we can talk!


  • WolfofSigmarWolfofSigmar Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    I tried to add you Pher but it didn’t work, I did add log though
  • WolfofSigmarWolfofSigmar Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    Is there any other discord I can add you on
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