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[NA] [PC] JC - No Strat Cats: Looking for Coach

Uncrowned.Uncrowned. Member Posts: 30 Rookie

[LFC] [NA] Hello! 

We are a team under an organization currently looking for a dedicated coach for our team only.

About Us: The organization has been established a little while back, but the team settled down recently with a fully operational roster. We are currently looking for a coach who can join us in practice most of the time. We currently play at a high platinum level, but we can also hold our own, against T3 teams. We are open to constructive criticism, non-toxic, and we all have the drive to get better.

Requirements: The basic requirements we look for is most likely what everyone else looks for in a coach. Being able to create/review VODs, create strategies based on the team. Having some competitive experience, but it doesn't matter if it’s being a player or a coach previously, and of course, the Coach has to be mature. Detailed requirements will be conversed based on the individual.

Payment: Ah, everyone’s favorite thing. Our payment to the Coach is quite simple. It depends on the amount of time working on and with the team regularly, and leading up to and during a league/tournament. Unfortunately, because we aren’t a famous or big organization, the payment usually comes from the prize pool of said league/tournament. Details can be discussed.

Contact: You can reach me via Discord: Uncrowned#2703

Thank you for your time, and good luck in the future!

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