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Level Up Gaming Community is looking to build a team.

ChaosChaos Member Posts: 1 Visitor
Level Up Gaming Community NA PC an org that has been around since last January Has Opened it's E-sports arm as of today and we are recruiting Players for our R6 Team. 
Our current goals are to practice up and build team coordination and chemistry.
 We are currently looking for all positions including Coach and Analyst.

-18+ or 18 within the next 6 months.
-Minimum Silver current season with Gold or better experience in several other seasons.
-A drive and commitment to improving.
-Able to take constructive criticism and provide.
-Hardware capable of running the game at 60 FPS minimum While recording VODs

The Advantages of playing for Level Up Gaming Community
-A large community of members.
-We have a potential high profile sponsor (depending on our performance over the next 6-8 months when their 
  sponsorships open back up.)

Please Dm me on discord Chaossound#0001 with the following
-What is your IGN (In Game Name)
-What's your discord tag? 
-What is your age? 
-What is your Rank?
-What is your Role? 
-How many hours?
-What ops do you play?
-Are you a team player?:
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