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REZ VIGOR (LOOKING FOR ROLES TO FILL) we give Exciting Benefits and Sponsorships(TTV,YT,FCEBOOK,ETC)

Gamsti.REZGamsti.REZ Member Posts: 17 Rookie

Team REZ VIGOR is looking for players!


We are team that is looking for players with the proper drive and passion to improve their game and go pro! we are looking for players with: 
- knowledge of the game and shifting metas as well as official callouts
- ability to bring something new to the table, being outspoken during team meetings
- Being open minded to criticism and being able to review peers and offer criticism as well
- Positive mindset and willingness to improve not only as an individual but as a team also

we need people who REALLY REALLY want to be here i do not have time for people to not communicate with me or my captain and employees and dont show up NA QUALS are in 3 DAYS I know its a big decision and risk and LAST MINUTE 
But you if you win it will be very much worth it.
We are a non-toxic group who's main focus is to drastically improve our skill and coordination as a team! We are properly funded with team merch, compensation is available to whose who partake in tourneys, we are also looking for More staff members and qualified coaches to hire onto the team. We are actively looking for new members during the weekends with tryouts that are flexible to your schedule.
Proper funding and the ability to compensate my roster
and we have access to the proper marketing channels. As will as helping twitch streamers and Youtubers grow

What I am Looking for Plat 2 and Higher.

Need to be at LEAST 17 turning 18.

Whats your availability?

How old are you?

Preferred Role On Defense:

Preferred Role On Attacking:

Time Zone:

Can you Travel?:

An official ESL ,Faceit, Esports team I'm looking for Awesome More Dedicated Players and a Coach We have merch and we have License for anything related to REZ VIGOR We are partnered with Gam Arts Media Entertainments (G.A.M.E) This is very important for me and everyone else Involved As Owner I have experience playing in a pro setting and know what demands need to be met competitively. I'm trying to give this opportunity to people who are willing, dedicated, and are hungry for growth. No bs, no drama, I will not tolerate it. No Contracts (They are already made and awaiting) but due to epidemic contracts are on hold currently as per the fact LAN events are cancelled for the foreseeable Future

Also Team applications will be given. Please get ahold of 


We love our players! And Our Clients

Our games are made by gamers for gamers. We know that players have a lot to say about the games that they love. 

As Well as help for the content they provide and want

Got a question or comment about our games? Send us a message! We will do our best to get back to you soon. 

[email protected]

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