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Zero Point Energy Club - IGL Recruitment 

Currently our national squad based in the UK is trialing players for an IGL, the squad of 4 with 1 sub is very active and motivated. 

* * * Starting Offer * * * 

ESEA and other premium accounts will be paid for

ESEA Cup and other cup entries paid for

LAN Titckets paid for, also camping ticket will be provided or you can redeem it towards the cost of a hotel room.

Partner company ZPE-Online Ltd will look to pay bonuses to the squad that reaches MDL and and their performance.

Prize Money is split amongst the squad and its players, where the tournament rules allow. Promotion tickets into higher tiers stay with the team.

Team Clothing provided for LAN


Preference will be given to UK Based players, although if a good ability to communicate in English is shown then this will be taken into consideration.

Practice, Get good and win . . As experienced players should know, you get out what you put in, the more you practice the better you get.

If you are interested and want to give it a shot, then feel free to jump on the Discord Server and well do introductions and go from there




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