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Not getting Matched/Seeded in a FIFA tournament HELP!!!

narendrapwnarendrapw Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
I was playing in the  FIFA 21 (PS4) Open Series Weekly Qualifier November 2020 #4 Asia winning the first round and during the second round seeding. I am not matched/seeded by any opponent in the second match/round which is kinda bothering since everybody is already matched against each other and I haven't.
I have already open support and got no solution from it, the admin says that he can't do anything, which made me very disappointed and sad cause it's coming from you, ESL a big company.

For me, it isn't fair because I already do what I'm supposed to do on my part and all I did was according to the rules and all.
I'm just disappointed because I was not given the chance to at least play or any compensation for this problem. because it's not just simply playing a tournament. This tournament cost me the time that I have spent and train these past few days. Because I'm trying to get in the finals and it means nothing if it stays like this.

please to ESL Global, etc to take my discussion/forum and process it and solve this problem.
All I want is fairness and responsibility on your part.

Best Regards
Narendrapw, ESL Member/Player
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