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ESL and Valorant

Enmity RoMeEnmity RoMe Member Posts: 1 Visitor
Will ESL manage leagues and tournaments for Valorant???


  • UnusedMethodUnusedMethod Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    I would very much like to see Valorant open ladders and tournaments in the EU.
  • Kirstenwilliamson23Kirstenwilliamson23 Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    I really hope that there will be a tournament for that. I would really like to see tha to happen because I think that would really be fun. As much as I love playing Valorant with my friends and with their some other friends, I think that it would be better to take all of our best to showcase it in tournaments. of course, there will be prizes for this right? That will be interesting especially if we can play with other players from across the world. that will really really be great. I really hope it will happen soon.
  • SOMlicOSOMlicO Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    I really love valorant and i hope esl starts hosting valorant tournaments
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