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Longdin19Longdin19 Member Posts: 9 Rookie
LFT 18+ established teams and National Projects! My name is TJ uplay: TripZ.MSG - Im 21y old - Scottish - I am NOT an IGL - Have 1 year of competitive experience from Scrims, leagues and tournaments. I am a very motivated player and take all my time and free time for and around the team I play for. I am a dedicated player. if i see potential, I am willing to go all the way and avoid every obstacle to make my dream. I also expect my teammates to have the same competitive dedicated mindset. I am able to take critism if it is given in a respected way. My good points in game is that I have a good game knowledge in a competitive environment and do as my role says. I also am a confident fragger: If i have a gunfight between me that I need to win, I will. I am not scared for very intense in game situations and can Clutch. My things I need to improve on is my way of calling, I tend to act like I stresscall but most of the times I just try to get the needed information out to my team fast and effeciantly - Rank: Plat 2/3 - Role: Flex/Soft Support - Comfortable on most ops - Vocal + good communication - Goals: EEG, ESA, CCS, ACS, Nats, CL - Available sunday - wednesday Possibly I'll be available Thursday & Friday aswell - Dedicated and motivated Experience: - 1000h+ (in game, not steam), about 1200h of them on PC - High T4 scrim experience, Discord leagues - 400h scrim experience What I’m Looking For: - Established high T4 team - Competing in leagues currently - Pref P3+ teams as those are level of previous teams, rank isn’t important but just an indicator - Pref a UK based team to push nats next year - Coach would be nice but not a deal breaker - Support from an org or being actively LFO If you are willing to give me a shot, feel free to PM me. My dms are open.


  • BlaineyBlainey Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    Hello Longdin19,

    Team Uknighted is currently for R6 players, if you would like more information please contact our Team Captain on Discord nkhudson#2841
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