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[PC] [NA] Semper Victores EC Looking for Players!

AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 30 Rookie

I am looking for skilled players from NA to be part of our roster! 

a little about Semper Victores:

SEMVIC (“Semper Victores”) is a amateur gaming and content organization. Based in North America, the company was originally founded in 2017 by "Comedian" then rebranded in 2020.

our goal:

The goal is to do things most other organizations don’t consider doing or have not considered. To be innovators, to go where no other organization has gone before.we want to be feared by many and praised by few. We want to be like the Spartans, feared warriors with the courage, determination and hunger to win and conquer


Region - NA
Teamwork - A working mic, call outs,supporting each other, being positive.
Non-Toxic - This is our core rule. Zero tolerance to any toxicity. 
Maturity - Zero-tolerance to drama.
Age - 18+


why choose us?

SEMVIC isn't like these other organizations, we are a brotherhood of players helping each other achieve our goals one step at a time. we also have the top of the line staff, great content, dope merchandise, and so much more!

if you want to join us or you have any questions  please DM me on Discord at: Comedian#1334,  or or fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Discord:
  2. Age:
  3. Timezone:
  4. Region:
  5. What would make us choose you over others?:


  • Yeti.DGYeti.DG Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Hey man I’m only gold 2 but I have a 1.4 kd and really good call outs and map knowledge I really wanna join a team to get better
    1. Yeti.DG
    4. Outside New York?
    5. I really wanna get better I listen to advice and take great criticism
  • DierecT.11BDierecT.11B Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    I am interested in your team.
    1. DierecT#3242
    2. 27
    3. PST (California)
    4. NA/WUS
    5. I am highly experienced in Competitive play, not only with Siege, but also the Battlefield franchise. I am also a borderline boomer, so my mentality can be an asset to the team. I am very open minded and believe in constructive criticism.
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