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G-Force Organization is searching for new players, defensive/offensive coaches, analyst.

GhunnnerGhunnner Member Posts: 89 Aspirant
Hello, my name is Aaron Carrisalez; I have created what will be a organization that will compete in E-Sports competitions/tournaments with multiple teams and players throughout the Xbox community. This is a non-profit organization created from dedication and willingness. I am a gamer myself, Rainbow Six Siege has introduced me to the competitive lifestyle of the gaming community. It has sparked multiple ideas ranging from professional gaming to team management. I want to generate players and teams from scratch, and I want these teams/players to achieve top tier rankings in the region. This plan; however is just the beginning of what I will accomplish using this organization. Rainbow Six Siege will be the starting stages of this plan, as new content/games release that expand our competitive teams and players about. G-Force will offer more than competitive gaming itself. Content creation will also be available in the later stages along with coaching/analysts. If you are interested in joining this organization please feel free to message me, or message our Defensive Coach @ GT: IroquoisPlisken

Discord https://discord.gg/BRFDGWA
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