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BrainStorm R6 LF analyst

POST_ZOOT.5PPOST_ZOOT.5P Member Posts: 7 Rookie
BrainStorm_R6 is looking for an analyst to help run our team. We are currently competing in the Stylex Open League and are in 2nd place. https://liquipedia.net/rainbowsix/User:StyLexR6/SSOL3
we are looking for someone who has enough siege experience to help the IGL/coach create strats, analyse and record vods. 
we will also need your help looking after the teams socials (twitter/yt accounts) and be an admin on our discord server (adding bots and building the community). 
We are a new team so as a result don't yet have any sponsors. this means there will be no pay for the analyst position however as the 6th member of the team you will be entitled to an equal share of any prize money/ sponsor money the team gets in the future. The goals for our team in the near future is to qualify and win the SSAL and then qualify for the UK and Ireland National League. 
15+ age limit.
 If you are interested please dm me on discord: POST_ZOOT.BS#0544 
or join our team discord server https://discord.gg/h2yfpAX
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