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(STRICTLY PC ONLY) (EU) We are recruiting! A newly formed team looking for players!

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Are you tired of solo-queueing all the time for ranked games? Looking to get into a team with full of fun and experienced players? We want you! We are a newly formed team striving to do well in Ranked games for practice and getting into the competitive scene in the near future, as for now, we're low tier. But we're surely looking into improving together as a team!

Take note that we're from the EU and only apply if you're 18 and above.

- 18 years old and above 
- Must be able to speak and understand English
- Rank Gold and above a K/D Ratio of 1 (Negotiable)
- Residing within EU region (STRICTLY EU, unless you're able to manage the timezone and Ping well but you'll not be able to compete with us in tournaments other than Ranked games)
- No toxicity 
- Attentive communication 
- Open to criticism
- Will not give retrospective advice (it's redundant, trust me)
- Active for at least 3 days per week

What we provide:
- Team structure 
- Experienced players
- Weekly dry run/strats

Please contact either of us on Discord if you're keen!
Slippery_Chayse YT#4317
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