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Team Uprising looking for players

V3NOMV3NOM Member Posts: 61 Aspirant
Team Uprising Looking for the Following 

Entry Frag/ Fragging players: 
1.3+ K/D
Consistent Plat 2+
Knowledge of Maps, Callouts Etc.

Flex Players: 
1.1-1.2+ K/D
Consistent Plat 2+
Knowledge of Maps, Callouts Etc.
Able to Play Certain roles.

Heavy Support/Droner:
1.0+ K/D Consistent Plat 2+
Knowledge of Maps, Callouts Etc.

 All Need to Be committed and Devoted to Comp practice scrims and league Games

must Have past Comp Experience, Highly Skilled at the Game

 Dm me if interested and we will talk on making a day for tryouts discord is V3NOM#4466


  • xLC248xxLC248x Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    I’m able to play any role and have a 1.2 overall k/d ranked and a seasonal of 1.7. I have fairly low ranks in tho as I have nobody to play with
  • IcyKillSwitchIcyKillSwitch Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Hey I’m a plat 3 I have a 1.3 KD I have been getting sold in my games I have screenshots of last night I was going 16:3 and 14:4 and I stay consistent I’m a fragger play a lot of vertical/roam clear with sledge and Hibana for roam clear/vertical play and for walls I can play support when needed on defense I play jager I roam around the site not a deep roam but just rotates and play lesion when not banned I was plat 2 on my smurf that gt is GetCarried2024 and my main currently is TickldUrWife I have a 1.3 kd seasonal
  • Kinggunner900Kinggunner900 Member Posts: 31 Rookie
    I’m interested, can play any role but usually play entry/flex. Plat 2+ consistently, have a bunch of comp experience having played in multiple leagues/tournaments. Hmu if interested GT - KingGunner900
    Discord- Gunnrrr#5763
  • lEnter SandmanllEnter Sandmanl Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    message me if your still looking. Been Plat+ since Red Crow and focus on team play more than going for frags play support on both attack and defense. Have played with comp teams and Go4 in the past.  GT - lEnter Sandmanl   The first and last characters are lower case L
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