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Endeavor Esports Looking to Fill CL Roster Plat +

ErgoSphere.NIHErgoSphere.NIH Member Posts: 30 Rookie

Hi, I am Will with Endeavor Esports. Endeavor is an established organization looking to start an 18+ United States centered Rainbow Six Team. Our current goals are to find a team that is willing to grind and learn together to be prepared for the upcoming CL quals in the spring.

We are currently working on our main roster, the breakdown for this is as follows:

Team Manager: Impulse

Primary Entry: Tryout

Secondary Entry: Tryout

Flex: Tryout

Soft Support/Team Captain: Billiam

Hard Support: Tryout

Requirements for main roster positions

Age: must be 18 years of age or older. (an exception can be made if you are going to be turning 18 before the CL quals in the spring)

Rank: Must be consistently hitting Plat 1 or above.

Experience: Must have at least a year of prior comp experience.

We believe that the meta in siege is changing and with the changes in the meta we must also adapt. Therefore being able to gun will not guarantee you a slot on the roster. We are looking for players that are both able to gun as well as use their utility and be able to recognize a situation mid round and adapt to overcome it.


Please fill out the below form so we can get to know you better, I, or another member of Endeavor Esports will contact you shortly.

uPlay ID:

Discord Name:


Current Rank:

Highest Rank (PC):

When You Started:

Favorite Attack Ops:

Favorite Defense Ops:

Time Zone (must be NA):

Location (One exception can be made for Canada):

Are you willing to fully commit to the team if given a spot on the roster:

Previous Comp Experience (Teams and Leagues):


  • WhalefilmzWhalefilmz Member Posts: 16 Rookie
    Whale The Kobold#9179
    Gold 1
    Plat 2
    End of Operation Chimera
    Blitz, Dokk, Lion
    Mute, Smoke, Wamai, Warden
    Eastern US
    Yes I am.
    Casted for multiple community leagues, ran own R6 team that participated in some scrims but disbanded due to other players not showing to practice/scrims

  • SinfulSinful Member Posts: 16 Rookie
    UPlay- SinfulYato./Sinful.NJC
    Discord- Sinful#0518
    Age- 22
    Current rank- Plat 3
    Highest rank- Plat 3 every season
    When you started- Ps4 since beta/ pc Phantom Sight
    Favorite Attack Ops- Iq, Cap, Zof, Dok
    Favorite Def Ops- Jager, Doc, Lesion
    Time Zone- Est
    Location- East US
    Are you willing to fully commit to the team if given a spot on the roster- Ye
    Comp experience- Many scrims used to do them everyday played for DSe, and Para played in tournaments and comp (ESL/faceit)
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