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TaVyshTaVysh Member Posts: 13 Rookie

Hello everyone,
At Team DSQ we are searching for more competitive players that are interested in joining our team, we are an up and coming community with rl players from all over EU & NA.
DSQ is a community that was founded back in may and is still growing, with 60+ members at this point. We host events, giveaways and tournaments for all members and have coaches that are always interested in helping you improve. With 2 complete rosters that are participating in different leagues and tournaments, we are still searching to expand!

What are we looking for?
- Manager for the NA roster, team is around 1800 nmr
- motivated NAE players, around C3/GC1
- Players to form more rosters
- Freestylers for our first freestyle team

What do we offer?
- friendly, non-toxic community
- monthly events
- coaching sessions
- participation in scrims, tournaments & leagues

If this sounds like something for you, then join our server!

Got questions about anything? message me private

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