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fliCtopusfliCtopus Member Posts: 5 Rookie
Hello we are Ice Nation also knows as ICN and we are recruiting for our CSGO team.
Do YOU think you can join us? Read on.

We are a beginning E-Sports team looking for players, content creators and other roles. We are based in the Netherlands, but play with people around the whole world. There is not a specific thing we are looking for but there are a few requirements that our players have to meet.

Requirements Team :
- 500 Hours In-Game
- Discord
- Knowledge of English language
- Mic

Are you interested? Don't hesitate and leave your discord name down below!


  • Jar Jar DinksJar Jar Dinks Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    I'm a player, 800 hours, discord raven#5202
  • toxic_julioTVtoxic_julioTV Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    🆃🅾🆇🅸🅲🅹🆄🅻🅸🅾#2045 1,751.4 Hours I live in Pittsburgh, PA and my best roles are secondary Entry-fragger (First if need be) lurker and support. EST +6 Hours for you guys
  • W.wW.w Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    2,504hr on main steam acc + 164 matches on faceit
    Discord: Kaplish#2943
    Lives in EU central and speaks Polish/English/Danish (pretty fluently compare what i heard from others)
    if this team is role based then am might be support but i can flex to anything beside IGL

  • fliCtopusfliCtopus Member Posts: 5 Rookie
  • AimtheGameAimtheGame Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    AiMrr#2165 add me and lets talk
  • Steeh_Steeh_ Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Aran.Exe but fake#7168 add me when you can so we can talk :)
  • SynDr0meSynDr0me Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hello my Name is Atharva"SynDr0me"Shirole I've been playing counter strike for past 3 years now it's a time for me to show my talent to the whole world and make a organisation grow in the scene
    I have 3300+ hours highest matchmaking rank is global elite but I stopped playing Matchmaking to be a better player so I started playing on faceit.com but due to high ping i had to stop playing it,later I started playing on sostronk which is like Indian faceit.So now o started griding and I managed to play with the pros of india.So I would really appreciate if u have a slot for me in your team
    Your sincerely
  • W.wW.w Member Posts: 5 Rookie

  • MiszaMisza Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Name: alex Ingame: misza role: entry fragger age: 13 Hours: 300 rank: gold nova three im a Really decent player who knows how to play im looking for a good and decent team and i also know callouts Misza#5684
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