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Team Adventure is Looking For Active Players

Typh.ADVTyph.ADV Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
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Hi, as the title states, Team Adventure is in search of players to join our ranks. We are a brand new clan formed in hopes to participate in the competitive R6 scene. The main goal of this clan as stated before is to play in competitive league matches, but also to have fun and make friends along the way. We are currently looking for about 7 people to fill both our main A team roster and our secondary B team roster. (Please note that we do have a spot for those only interested in ranked play too)

 What are the requirements to join you may ask? Well, we would prefer you to be at least a silver player but we may be open to players in ranks lower than that depending on the situation. Please be available for clan practice at least a few times a week. (The date clan practice starts will largely depend on when we fill out the A and B team roster) Finally, please bring a positive and chill mindset. This clan has no room for toxicity and the like. If you are interested in Team Adventure then please go ahead and toss me a message over on discord at Typhus#0201. I hope to see y'all soon! Take care.
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