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Looking For Players (Eu)

MikeyyyR6MikeyyyR6 Member Posts: 1 Visitor
We are Team 'Solvent', we are a brand new Rainbow Six competitive team

We are brand new so bare with us, we wont blow up instantly, be apart of out journey and yours through the competitive scene.

You must be 14 years or older
Gold 3 or above
Flexible with different roles (E.G. You are a support main and told to play entry frag) with little to no problems
Good in game knowledge
Be able to hold and win fights
Be able to take constructive criticism on your gameplay well and into account
If you aren't good enough be able to take us telling you without arguing with us
Not overly toxic, preferably non toxic
Good humour

What were looking for
We are looking for a competitive Team to play in scrims and tourneys
We are looking for, 2 Entry fraggers,1 hard breach, 1 support, 1 intel gatherer.
We are looking for, a good IGL/Team captain to lead the team through games and help win scrims and tourneys
We are looking for, a gfx designer for the team who can make the comp team individual logos when we have a team ready

Add me on discord RS x Mikeyy#6214


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