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Recruiting for Team! (PC) (NA)

VicitxVicitx Member Posts: 13 Rookie
I'm putting together a team. A clan you could say. No, we wont be changing our name to alike things, we will just play together. We are a team that we can rely on. In my experiences playing this game, I solo queue ranked, unranked, and casual, and it's very rare that I actually end up with teammates that I can rely on. The point of this team is that we always have people we can play with an rely on. I'm hoping to have a decent amount of players on the team, and then backup players. And in the future an esports team for comp.


  • VicitxVicitx Member Posts: 13 Rookie
    My Discord is Vicitx#8805
  • DierecT.11BDierecT.11B Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    I am interested, I am consistently solo queing myself to P1-P2 every season. Discord is DierecT#3242
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