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Looking to recruit players for my team

L1NKL1NK Member Posts: 2 Rookie
We’re NA players looking to make a team, we currently have a plat 3 support player 1.0kd and a plat 2 fragger 1.4kd we’re looking for 1 more fragger, 1 flex and 1 support. If ur interested in being a part of the (MisFortunate) roster dm me on my discord L1NK.MF#5440


  • Lol its LoganLol its Logan Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Im gold 1 I added you on discord ill play anything
  • Nocturnal Nocturnal Member Posts: 104 Ambassador
    1.2 kd currently unranked support/flex
  • Nocturnal Nocturnal Member Posts: 104 Ambassador
    I can’t find you on discord
  • NFGasianNFGasian Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    Hay man gt: NFGasian plat 3 Kd. 1.4 Lvl202. Roam and anchor
  • IcyKillSwitchIcyKillSwitch Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Yo hit me gt is TickldUrWife I’m a 1.3 kd fragger plat play lots of vertical with sledge and hibana and play jager also play support and can anchor I’m getting sold in my games from stupid teammates dropping 16:3 14:4 I have screenshots of last night just message me
  • Krazzy XFKrazzy XF Member Posts: 4 Rookie
    Yo ima gold 3 i can play anyone you need me too i give clear coms my highest this season is gold2 and i can carry my own weight gt:Krazzy xf
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