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NA PC Team Sovereignty is looking to fill open position for our Esports team. 16+.

sprayNpray.TSsprayNpray.TS Member Posts: 2 Rookie
Hello, Team Sovereignty is looking for players to fill open positions on our Esports team. We are looking to play in all of the Faceit tournaments and ESL tournaments and in CCS. Now I understand some of you want to wait for cl quals but if your not good enough to win ccs or a Faceit tournament then your def not good enough to go into cl so please be realistic about your capability's.


1) Must be 16+
2) Must be a Team player and not have a huge ego
3) ALL players will be given a tryout so rank doesn't matter, You will all have a chance to prove your skill.
4) Must live in the USA because our team will travel to LAN events around the US from time to time and we simply want our players to be American citizens.
5) Must be willing to practice 5 days a week. Times may very.


  • VicitxVicitx Member Posts: 13 Rookie
    I’m 16. Silver 2. Looking for some good reliable teammates I can play with. You guys look like a good squad. My discord is Vicitx#8805
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