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Looking for a new team (Plat/SEAS/Competitive)

ZushiexZushiex Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
(Only Competitive team) I am a Thai player fluent in English, German and Thai. I've played rainbow six for a long time and used to be in a national league team contender. I'm looking for a team that are aiming high with a great motivation, aim session, team dry run, ranked play for team bonding and a lot of scrim and tournament is South East Asia. I hope I can be somewhere with a team. Please consider this. :) I also stream and do YoTube so I can help promote your team in the competitive scene. [SEAS/PC] Zushiex Rank: Plat 3 (Drop to Gold 1) Highest Rank: Plat 2 Role: Support/ Flex Location: Bangkok/ South East Asia Age: 16 Experience: I have played in Thailand Operation league qualifier, multiple Go4 and small tournament in South East Asia Availability: everydays all day R6 Tracker: https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/Zushiex.CRS
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