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Mozkow5 is looking for a coach! [EU]

YorkshireYorkshire Member Posts: 8 Rookie
Greetings again!

Mozkow5 eSports is a start-up organisation based in Norway. The organisation is looking for a completely new roster with goals in participating in the Nordic League. There will be select interviews for applicants. To achieve this, we need a dedicated coach for dedicated players. This organisation will potentially have funding support, but there will be some money(aka salary) involved in the start up after an “initial” period of 1 month. Monetary income should not be the main driving force for being a coach for the Mozkow5 roster. For the time being, there are players who are being set for a trial right and recruited for trial. Our goal is to achieve victory in the NL and continue to compete in a high level environment in Siege, and to do that we need a dedicated coach who is able to support these dedicated players who have the same ambition. Additionally, there is a desire to join other leagues such as the Sapphire league and the ESA. I, the manager, will help you with any needs that you require, and I will act as an analyst for the time being. At this stage, everything is in motion, and that is officially registering the organisation to gain support, website, roster, social media, logo and merch design.

What do we expect from a coach?

  • Previous coaching experience

  • Deep/good understanding of the game

  • Analyse matches via vod review/spectating

  • Able to create strats for the team

    • Able to improve strats over time

    • Able to create strats that compliment the team’s gameplay / individual’s playstyle

  • Approachable

  • Should not be scared of receiving or giving constructive criticism in order to develop players and yourself

  • A healthy coaching philosophy that compliments the team’s environment both inside and outside the game.

  • 1 on 1 coaching on demand

What can we offer to a coach?
  • Analyst

  • Dedicated team who have been vetted

  • Consistent scrim schedule

  • Player logo and banner provided

  • Long-term roadmap

  • Potential contracts with the org.

  • Org. support with whatever you need if possible


  • DMCDMC Member Posts: 20 Rookie
    Hey there! I am a passionate Rainbow six player who has been playing since the release. Currently sitting at LVL 500+ I have alot of game knowledge and map knowledge, Anyway, I am looking to get into the Esposts coaching scene for said game so if you are interested in a dedicated Coach to go pro with give me a shout!
    I have past R6 esports Experience with being a Player, Coach and Commentator. Predominantly being a console player I have coached in Tournament such as CGL with the team being the only EU team to ever hit a CGL final

    Discord: DMC#8808
    Rank: Plat 2 (Solo Que)
    been playing since launch
    Role: Coach
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