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Mozkow5 eSports are looking for a completely new roster! [EU]

YorkshireYorkshire Member Posts: 8 Rookie
[EU/Nordic] [PC] [LFP]
Mozkow5 eSports is a start-up organisation based in Norway. The organisation is looking for a completely new roster with goals in participating in the Nordic League. There will be select interviews for applicants.

What can we provide for you as a player?
  • 50% of entry fees are covered by the organisation
  • Coach (currently LFC, coach will be hired) V
  • OD reviews
  • 1 on 1 sessions
  • Dry runs
  • Analyst
  • Dedicated team who have been vetted
  • Consistent scrim schedule
  • Player logo and banner provided
  • Long-term roadmap
  • Potential contracts with the org.

  • Age 17
  • Europe based
  • Previous experience in competitive play
  • Able to speak English
  • Dedicated and motivated to play 5/7 a week
  • Able to take criticism and give criticism
  • Decent map knowledge

Roles needed
  • IGL
  • First entry
  • Second entry
  • Support
  • Flex

  • Uplay
  • Age
  • Role
  • Comp Experience
  • Time Zone/Location
  • Availability

Anyone who fulfils the requirement is most likely to have a tryout. This is a team that will be built from the ground-up with the backing of a start-up organisation. DM discord SovietHentai🎄#2306 or send email to [email protected] :)

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