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(NA) PreVail eSports looking for coach (willing to pay!)

Ragnar.pVRagnar.pV Member Posts: 2 Rookie
LFC (looking for Coach) NA

We are looking for a coach and we are willing to pay!

What we are looking for in an Coach:

~Communication (being able to communicate what each individual player needs to work on)
~Dedication (spending a lot of time watching vods and showing he/she wants to improve the team)
~Good note maker (makes notes on every mistake and thing we can improve on)
~Good game sense
-Makes Strats for us

Please msg me if your are intested and well see if your elligiable for the spot 


  • Ragnar.pVRagnar.pV Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    RagnarLXIX#5346 is my discord if you wish to reach out that way
  • X Neo BGX Neo BG Member Posts: 16 Rookie
    Ns Neophyter#9752 is my discord. I have years of coaching experience behind me.  
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