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2 High plat players looking for a competitive Team(PC)(EU)

ExplincityExplincity Member Posts: 15 Rookie
We have both moved over from console recently(both diamond/champ) and have a lot of practical experience in-game. We both have a lot of competitive experience and looking to carry that on into PC. Our main roles are entry and entry/flex and very comfortable in our positions.

Entry players details
Attack: Iq,Jackal,Zofia, Buck, Ash
Defender: Jäger,Ela,Vigil
Timezone: CEST
Discord: GINOx-#1480

Entry/flex details
Attack: Nomad, Zofia, Maverick, Hibanna
Defender: Jäger, Mute, Valkyrie
Timezone: GMT
Discord: Explincity#5102
Uplay: Explincity

We both speak fluent English, have a vast understanding of the game and its mechanics and hoping to meet likewise individuals. Please contact me us using this post or the discord/uplay above.
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