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I'm looking for a competitive/ESL EU team

BobBob Member Posts: 8 Rookie
Hey, I'm Bob (That is what people call me and Bob is not my real name). In the past I've had some experiences with teams and they I wanted to improve myself to become a part of a greater squad. I have since done so, through playing unranked, quick match, ranked... I am 14 years old and have 1,000hrs + on Siege. I am a non-toxic player who tries to get along with his team well
My ranks: Usually I am gold but since my improvement I have been playing like a platinum
Operators: I can play every operator, but usually I play support
Why should you choose me: I think teams are mostly looking for supports and players that are in a calm environment. I try to do my best to get along with the team and work with the people as best as possible
If you want to contact me, my discord is: Montie has the sad#0549 and my uPlay is: BobTheGomer
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