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[EU - PC} Competitive/Committed Players Wanted

LeaoLeao Member Posts: 26 Rookie
Hello! I'll try to keep this as short as possible,
We are a small amateur org looking for 5 players to restart our EU R6 team. Our main focus is getting a solid 5 (with subs if needed), a coach and an analyst that are prepared to stick around for the long term. This means building teamwork, comms and making sure everyone on the same page will be imperative when starting out.
For the first month or two of playing together, the aim is to improve said aspects through R6TM's and FaceIT tournaments, using ranked as backup if players are short on time or if we don’t have 5 players available. This means if you’re expecting strats, weekly scrims or immediate results in Leagues/Tourneys, you’re thinking too short term for us and we’re not the right team for you. Those things will happen, if you stick around and work hard for the future.
What we’re expecting of you is a genuine interest in the Pro League scene and the strategic aspects of Siege. This means that you understand how to adapt and work cooperatively within a round to assist the grand strategy, rather than focusing on individual play making. On the note of individual play, we believe rank & stats are irrelevant as long as you can display a deep understanding of how the game is played in the Pro League and aspire to play in the same manner. At minimum, we expect you to have extensive map knowledge and the ability to make coherent callouts mid-round. This will play a critical part in building the roster. We have a private discord for our players/coaches so you will have good facilities to co-operate, play, practice, dry-run, speak and ultimately enjoy youreslves!
As we’re hoping to build a team that lasts, we want everyone to be capable of giving feedback that’s well articulated and actionable. If people are not willing to contribute or are combative when feedback is given, it will only hinder the team’s development. With that said, being able to socialise and simply enjoy the game as a team will be crucial to build group flow, so we won’t be serious 100% of the time.
We have got an excellent group of staff, including myself, that will help run the org while you, the players, can get down to buisiness. The staff will be available to talk to and if you need any scrims/competitions organised or any enquiries regarding games or the team itself, myself and my friends will be on hand to help you out 
Thanks for reading! if you are interested, please join our discord server where we will discuss recruitment further: https://discord.gg/WDx4muy
Leao 3
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