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ESL organizers do not consistently apply the Swiss-system on tourney

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Hello, ESL organizers do not consistently apply the Swiss-system on tourney.

Iron Harvest (PC) Pre-Season Tournament #1 2020 - 08.08.2020

1. The main part of the tournament was held according to clear Swiss-principles. In the end, the organizers intervened in the system manually and did some incomprehensible things - they made a super final according to the Olympic system (Single-Elemenation). Why so if it was not in the rules?

The Swiss-system exists strictly as long as all participants play the SAME NUMBER of rounds. There is no other way. Otherwise, the whole meaning of the system is violated, the TR coefficient burns out in hell. 

And what's the problem with breaking the system along the way? And it is simple: you left without the PRIZES of the participants who claimed prizes. You understand, in the system there are no abstract 1st and 2nd places, this is a system where all places are determined by the total of all rounds.

In Swiss-system 1st and 2nd were to be determined:
1) or by the total of 6 rounds based on the TR coefficient.
2) or on the basis of 7 rounds, in which everyone participates and then the 2nd place is taken - 

Jdanzi,  Mixu, Troyd, WellplayedTV, GnlKennyskywalker, Mavi, babyubyu, T.R. Olvadi, Xyr0N, RUKAclKimbo, Orlishe, legioxroma 

- all of these participants claimed 2nd place in the 7th round. The organizers simply disqualified the participants and organized a final incomprehensible to the swiss-system.

2. How was the number of 6 rounds chosen?  for 108 participants, a minimum of 7 rounds are required to find out the complete winner (participant with 7-0). Winner from 2-4-8-16-32-64-128 rounds = 7. 

But in this approach, the swiss-system does not work as intended. In fact, this is the same SE (Single Elemination) - also "lost and knocked out" and not a single game can be lost. All the most interesting in the Swiss-system begins after the round of a complete winner (7nd for 128 participants), when literally ALL the losers of 1-2 games get the opportunity to compete for prizes in the final rounds.

SWISS is rounds up to full winner + 2-3 rounds minimum formula. And the more the more interesting. Given the reasonable timing of the tournament, of course. Not less than the formula full winner + 2-3 rounds.

3. The button "to leave the tournament" and the policy of the organizers allowing it - destroy the principle of the Swiss-system. 

The final places are determined by the TR coefficient. A participant whose opponent, with whom he played at the BEGINNING of the tournament, and he LEFT - deprives him of the opportunity to have a TR coefficient in Final. Isn't it obvious?

Therefore, Swiss-system is for serious competitions, where there is no such thing that the participant has been preparing for a year, came to another country for the competition and did not want to participate in the beginning of the tournament. Since his chair take fire after the first match.

Аt a minimum, there should be a ban on such actions. Tell me, these "progamers" don't take the tournament seriously. I’ll answer you - that in the original the system is deeper than just a one-day tournament. Swiss = ELO Rating all tournaments (father of modern Ladder). 

According to the logic of the system, not the winners of the qualifiers receive tickets to the Super Final. Must receive the highest ranked competitors in the tournament series. Then everything falls into place in relation to the swiss-tournament.
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