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Prehistoric District Is Looking For Dedicated esports players(16+)

f4st4_R4st4r99f4st4_R4st4r99 Member Posts: 26 Rookie
Esports Team Prehistoric District is looking for dedicated siege players & Staff we expect are players to bring something unique to the team. we want are players to have some experience in playing siege and have good team work skills. we are going through a major rebuild right now, and want you to be a part of the greatness that we are about to make.

  • When its time for are scheduled practice players are on 
  • that each player knows the team strats 
  • that the player can be on when needed 
  • player must go through training so they can play the ops needed(op training)
  • player must be able to listen to management and team rules
  • management staff
  • coach
  • social media director 
  • HR(Human resources)
  • IGL(In Game Leader)
  • Captain
Main line
  • All Roles 


  • DANBOIDXDANBOIDX Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Hey, my PSN is DANBOIDX and I've consistentlt hit plat 3 every season but have struggled to have a consistent team. I want to play Siege competitively and have my own philosophy on how Siege is played at its most optimal. I am usually a flex but can adapt for whatever role the team needs, I own and try to play every operator where appropriate. I am always looking to boost morale and lead a team even if it's from a non IGL role I always try to keep everyone in a good headspace to get the win. I'm 17.
  • DANBOIDXDANBOIDX Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Are you NA or EU?
  • PL4T4NOPL4T4NO Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    Hi my name is Paul my PSN is iGwappo I’m new to the game and would like to try out.

    My information
    PSN - iGwappo
    Discord - Gwappo #5109
    ESL - PL4T4NO

    I’m always up for tourneys and Go4’s just give me a text I’m info’s for try outs I’m always ready, really looking up to join .⚡️
  • robinrobin Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
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