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Switch-Up Esports is looking for a support

KPNKPN Member Posts: 4 Rookie
Switch Up eSports 

We are a team of very experienced players that are primarily focused on becoming a T2 team. looking for Entry and Support!

- Plat 3
- Active on R6 and Discord
- Game knowledge (Map Knowledge, Game Sense, etc.)
- Nontoxic & able to take/give criticism
- Willingness to improve
- 18+

~ Discord:
~ Name:
~ Age:
~ uPlay:
~ Rank:
~ Role(s):
~ Attackers:
~ Defenders:
~ Comp Experience:
~ Other Teams:
~ Time Zone:
~ Availability:
~ R6tab: 

~ How would others describe you?
~ What makes you interested in Esports?
~ What could you bring to the team that is unique?
~ What are you looking for in a team?
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