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Looking For A Team / AU

EdelweissEdelweiss Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
edited August 2020 in Recruitment (PC)
Hi guys, I am currently looking for a team in Australia, I am in WA. I'm 18 and I played couples Go4 before and Also challenger league. I am looking for a funny and good team to have good time and try hard :smile:

My data center : Australia South East
My current rank : plat 3
My highest : plat 2
K.D : 1
R w/l : 1.5
I can be flex/support :
Main op : Thermite, Thatcher, Capitao, Hibana, Zofia
Defends : Jager, Doc, lesion , Alibi, Valkyrie, vigil

My discord : Bernard Le Prevoyant#0520

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