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POST_ZOOT.5PPOST_ZOOT.5P Member Posts: 7 Rookie
Trails are now open for MrPB, please add and dm me on discord if you are interested in trying out. The aim of the team is to compete in the faceit weekly competition and tier 3 leagues. We are looking for dedication above all else, if you are going to try hard and care a lot about siege please trial. Ideally we will have a weekly schedule that works around the players so we can get training in at least 5 days a week.
It is also important that you can take criticism, and learn from mistakes as well as giving advice to the team. This does not mean pointing fingers or blaming team mates, it’s means explaining where they went wrong and how best to improve.
If you are confident, positive and good at the game you will get on the team.
-Good map knowledge
-positive seasonal Kd (the higher the better)
-preferably Plat but if you are gold 2 or above with a positive kd you are more than welcome to trail

Please trial if you meet the requirements
My discord is POST_ZOOT#0544
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