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Semper Victores Recruiting

AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 30 Rookie
about us:

Founded by the former members of the fallen org, AG Esports, Semper Victores is a revival like no other. Semper Victores or SEMVIC for short is the one stop shop for everything Esports and Entertainment. We at SEMVIC are not only dedicated to competing at the highest level of esports but also shaping and innovating the future of esports as we know it.

The goal is to do things most other organizations don’t consider doing or have not considered. To be innovators, to go where no other organization has gone before.we want to be feared by many and praised by few. We want to be like the Spartans, feared warriors with the courage, determination and hunger to win and conquer.

What we are looking for:

we are searching far and wide for players who meet these criteria:

- within the range of platinum 3 and above
- NA 
- 18+
- can take and give criticism 
- determined to win  

what we offer:

- Weekly scrims 
- Daily practice
- Sponsors (potentially) 
- The chance to compete in the Pro League or whatever its called now

why choose us?

SEMVIC isn't like these other teams and organizations, we are a brotherhood of players helping each other achieve our goals one step at a time. we also have the top of the line staff, great content, dope merchandise, and so much more!

if you want to join us or you have any questions  please DM me on Discord at: Comedian#1334,  or fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Discord:
  2. Age:
  3. Timezone:
  4. Region:
  5. What would make us choose you over others?:


  • TheDisgruntled03TheDisgruntled03 Member Posts: 28 Rookie
    edited August 2020
    Discord- Grunt#2718
    Age- 25
    Timezone- EST
    Region- NA
    I have in depth knowledge of the game, skillful, been playing for 4 years. Team player, and team oriented.
  • AGxComedianAGxComedian Member Posts: 30 Rookie
    2-3 spots are available 
  • CryocityCryocity Member Posts: 6 Rookie
    1. Discord: Cryocity#2954
    2. Age: 22
    3. Timezone: central
    4. Region: NA south central
    5. What would make us choose you over others?: Analytic experience, coaching experience, played support and soft support, and 5 go4 experience, igl experience
  • SinfulSinful Member Posts: 16 Rookie
    Discord- Sinful#0518
    Time zone- NAE
    Region- NA East (NY)
    What would make us choose you over others?
    Been playing on console since beta know all the callouts all the maps I have comp exp leagues tournaments and scrims I used to do daily (this is on pc) used to do go4s every week I play entry frag and a little bit of support (cap, Mac and zof) I used to igl but that was on console
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