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MRKN Esports is searching for a Full NA 18+ Roster!

AkaCOLORAkaCOLOR Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
MRKN Esports is searching for a Full North American Rainbow Six Siege Roster ~ PC ONLY!

  • 1-2 y/rs of Competitive Esports Experience
  • 18+
  • Preferably have a coach prior to joining MRKN
  • Ranked Plat or Higher
  • North American
  • Previous Experience working with Esports Organizations
  • Full Team VODs, League Standings or Performance Reflecting Material

  • Staff Around Your Team, MRKN will provide an analyst along with a coach if your team does not already have one.
  • Provide Graphics for your team (Headers, Stream Packages, Etc)
  • Promote your matches to our community (Leagues, Qualifiers, Etc)
  • Human Resources, Esports Director, Rainbow Six Siege Manager Contract offered to your team, this guarantees your future and what our organization offers to your team.
  • Our organization prides in a clean and professional process, we have onboard our organization the following; Human Resources, Esports Director and once your team joins, we will also provide a manager for you aswell.
  • As our organization evolves, we will be working with sponsors and investors at a later point in time which in return will directly support our Esports Program.

Here is our Discord, If you are interested!


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