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Hi, my name is Will I'm the captain with Nihility Esports, we're currently looking for a manager and an analyst what we are looking for from both of those are going to be listed below.

First, let me give you a little background on us, so Nihility Esports has been around for 11 and a half months at this point we've had a pretty solid roster that has allowed us to compete in community tournaments as well as multiple leagues. We're constantly on the grind to make it into CL and PL following that. We have the dedication and the confidence to make a solid run and qualify for the upcoming CL season. To do so we need support staff that can help out and makes the climb easier; and so our coach isn't doing 4 jobs at one time. We're a dedicated team and we don't want you to think you're wasting your time.

In terms of the manager role we aren't looking for a lot here all we need from this is someone who can set up scrims for us throughout the week and be ready to schedule/find a new scrim in case a team cancels. We may occasionally need you to spectate a scrim to get us a VOD if our spectator is unavailable at the time. Scheduling on this role is pretty lenient as for the most part you have to set up scrims and just let us know what maps we are going to be playing and the Uplay of whom we're going to be playing against as well as if it's going to be a structured or official ruleset scrim.

In terms of the analyst role, we're looking for someone that can watch VODs be it ours or those of our opponents in the Leagues that we are currently in. For internal review, we would like for a stat breakdown of our W/L on sites for both attack and defense. For external VODs, we ask if you could see the strategies the other team employs and be able to counter-start and explain them to both the team and coach. Scheduling with this is also pretty lenient as you don't need to be present for our matches or our scrims and you can watch the VODs of our leagues after they've happened. All we expect from you here is just a weekly rundown on what we should be looking for in our upcoming matches and what we may need to improve. The counter-strat breakdown can be whatever you define it as, whether it's just a push against an opponent and or where their weak point on a site is.

If you'd like to apply for either of those rules please DM me on discord at Billiam#9963 a and I'll set up a talk in the discord with you and our coach to see how you fit and talk a little more about what you'll be doing.

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