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GIGEORGE13GIGEORGE13 Member Posts: 31 Rookie
Hi My name is George LFT EU PC
Rough idea of operator pool- i can play every op to a high level but i prefer ops like ATT- zofia sledge and buck IQ Lan, Hibana. DEF- Jaqger, Vigil, Mozzie, Valk, Mute, Smoke, Pulse, Doc 
Role- i can play every role and have up to T3 experience in every role excpet hard breach i prefer flex/second entry though
Availability-i am available 5 days of the week as i have to have other comitments twice a week but i will work that in around the team
Individual experience- i have played comp since 2018- i have played for teams like Brutal Base, Five PointGG Esports, Focal Point 
Goals- i would love to go pro and want to ddo it with a team that i enjoy playing with. i also want to enter lots of smaller leagues to get the team name out there as much as possible.
What is unique about you over other players? What makes me unique is that i am a very non toxic very commited player that will put in extra hours to go over vods and reserach into teams we are against to make sure i know egverything about the people we are playing against. I am also a super flexible player and can play every single operator and will never complain about having to do something i will listen to the IGL and do my job to the best of my ability .(edited)
Here is my r 6 Tab i am currently Plat 3 due to solo q but i have been one game out of plat 2 already this season and was plat 2 one game of plat one last season


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