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Looking for Team! NA

RandomGRandomG Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
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I started playing R6 on Xbox during Operation Health and after a long break, I switched to PC in April to start getting more serious as a player.
I believe I could be a valuable asset to a team because I stay very positive, I have a drive to constantly improve and learn from my mistakes, even in the most frustrating situations, and I am moderately skilled mechanically, and with map knowledge and game sense.

I have used the services of a champion coach and friends that have been Plat 2+ in order to overcome my personal obstacles within R6, and to learn to improve the correct way so as to best help my team. I have placed in Silver in the two seasons I have played. I mainly play as a flex role, and am willing to adapt to any role my team may ask of me. I hope you may test me, and allow my playing to do the convincing instead of fancy words on here. :)

I am starting a new job so availability is unknown at this moment, however I am willing to devote the most time I can to this.

Discord: Randomperson3100#3017
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