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Boom.TMSBoom.TMS Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
edited July 2020 in Recruitment (PC)
Swift eSports is looking for 3 Main Roster players and 5 players for the second team.
We are a new R6 team looking to break into the scene of GO4 Tournaments and scrims.

   What we are looking for:
  1. Skilled Mechanically
  2. Age 17+
  3. Able to take Criticism.
  4. Able to give criticism
  5. Able to work well with others
  6. Good map knowledge 
What we can offer:
  1. Coaching
  2. Scrims, Leagues
  3. Practices
If any of this interests or you have any questions  please DM me on Discord at: Boom#2604,  or fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. uPlay:
  2. Discord:
  3. Age:
  4. Timezone:
  5. Region:
  6. Top 3 Attackers:
  7. Top 3 Defenders:
  8. Favorite Maps:
  9. What would make us choose you over others?:


  • SpoookiesSpoookies Member Posts: 17 Rookie
    Zofia, Nomad, Gridlock
    Ela, Lesion, Mozzie
    Dont have any favs tbh :)
    Dedicated player who is willing to put it time and grind hard, can take criticism well :)
  • PointingGamingPointingGaming Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    1. uPlay: Heavens__Door
    2. Discord: PointingGaming#7933
    3. Age: 19
    4. Timezone: MST
    5. Region: Canada (NA West)
    6. Top 3 Attackers: Nokk, Amaru, Thermite
    7. Top 3 Defenders: Valkyrie, Bandit, Caveira
    8. Favorite Maps: Theme Park, Kafe Dostroyevsky, Outback. 
    9. What would make us choose you over others?: I am a flex player, who has an adaptable play style. I accept criticisms, and am known to offer my own bit to frequently. I spend way to much time playing siege, i know almost all of the call outs but in the heat of the moment sometimes screw up and say the wrong thing. I have great game sense, aim, and timing.
  • DatBakedPotatoDatBakedPotato Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    1. uPlay: Potato.GV
    2. Discord: DatBakedPotato#3283
    3. Age: 19
    4. Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    5. Region: NA, (Central)
    6. Top 3 Attackers: IQ, Hibana, Ash
    7. Top 3 Defenders: Jager, Vigil, Ela
    8. Favorite Maps: Outback, Oregon, Clubhouse
    9. What would make us choose you over others?: I am a very strong entry fragger/roamer. I can snake my way pretty well around the maps and take out people by surprise. I play siege at least a couple hours every day so I am dedicated in improving my skills. I am pretty good mechanically and can win most of my 1's. If you need someone who isn't worried to be the first in the building and get the picks you need to win the round, I would say I am a pretty good choice for the team. I can also flex if need be.
  • Dom_Grady.TSDom_Grady.TS Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    1. Username: P00NMangler (will change name if necessary lol)
    2. Discord: Dom Grady#6848
    3. Age: 23
    4. Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    5. Region: NA (East Coast)
    6. Top 3 Attackers: Twitch, Zofia, and Jackal/Nomad (if Jackal is banned)
    7. Top 3 Defenders: Doc, Vigil, and Echo/Valkerie (if Echo is banned)
    8. Favorite Maps: Oregon, Consulate, and Clubhouse
    9. What would make us choose you over others?: I have played competitive for a tiny bit beforehand. I used to consistently rank in high plat 3 and mid-tier plat 2 before I stopped playing the game. I stopped playing for two or so seasons and came back and placed into plat 3 after not playing for almost a full year. I typically have 3-4 days off from work and when I'm off if I'm not working on my car, I'm playing Siege and Escape from Tarkov. Across 3-4 accounts I have put 2-2.6 thousand hours and I have good communicative skills. Playing Tarkov with others I've learned to use a lot of call-outs and explain what I see from my POV and I take that back to the Siege table when I play with my friends.  If I play Siege, for the most part my chat is muted so the other team doesn't bug me and vice-versa. So for the most part no toxicity, also I don't scream and/or yell. I can take constructive criticism well, however, I do not like being talked down to nor do I like arguing. So you won't get any toxicity from me. 
  • SpeedyAceSpeedyAce Member Posts: 19 Rookie
    1. uPlay: Flickery.
    2. Discord: SpeedyAce#6184
    3. Age: 20 
    4. Timezone: PST
    5. Region: NA
    6. Top 3 Attackers: Ash,Zophia, IQ
    7. Top 3 Defenders: Jager, Ela, Alibi
    8. Favorite Maps: Border, Coastline and Oregon
    9. What would make us choose you over others?: Really determined and always down to learn new things.
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