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[EU] GA is looking for subs

KariKari Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
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-GA-★ [PC] [EU]

(Preferring Flex)

What we aim for
- Become a org that is active on multiple games
- Strong activity in the comp. scene
- Participation in nationals, CL and maybe even Pro League

Player Requirements
- Age is 18+
- Plat 2+
- Comp. experience is T4+
- Friendly behaviour
- Activity
- Loyalty
- Non Toxic
- English (For callouts, understanding, etc.)

▬We offer▬
- Professionality
- Structure
- 60+ members on Discord server
- 5+ clan members
- Giveaways

▬We want to know▬
- Age
- Country
- Rank
- Role
- Comp. experience
- Game knowledge
- What you aim for and how serious you are about it
- Why you want to join GA eSports
- Why you think you are good enough

Contact me on Discord [Kari#1763] to apply, we do not make any exceptions.
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