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Longdin19Longdin19 Member Posts: 9 Rookie

Languages: English
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 21
Level: 137 
Ranks: Plat 3, with 0.9 k/d(not a ranked star) as played a lot of anchor/support
Playing since:Ember Rise then took a month or 2 break after shifting tides and come back end of season  
Uplay: Longdin19
Role: Flex (trying to play fragger more pften as enjoy it more)
Goal: Want to get to tear 2 with a team and progress to lans ect
Communitcation: High level, know all callouts by heart
Experience: i have played at  T4 Level now for about 4 months,
Aim: above average 
Time: 2-6 hours a day
looking for English speaking teams. Wanting to join an established roster
Dm for more info Discord Longdin19#0888
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