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Element Gaming New team

CopsOnALeashCopsOnALeash Member Posts: 6 Rookie
Need players for ESl team
Golds and Plats only
Any role okay
Have good mic
Be Willing to adapt


  • Phil MitchellPhil Mitchell Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    hey I'm interested in joining a team im EU level 252 currently plat 3 but my highest rank is plat1 and I've be playing since velvet shell I can play pretty much anything that the team needs me to play my GT:Echo Joe v2.
  • XiL RevolutionXiL Revolution Member Posts: 21 Rookie
    Gt XiL Revolution. Been playing since yr 1. Took a break for a year during op health. Plat 3 right now an last season.
  • KextuKextu Member Posts: 13 Rookie
    Gt is Kextu, I’ve been a 4x plat but I am g2 right now, I’m mostly a flex/roamer
  • AlanAlan Member Posts: 7 One post wonder
    Hello, I am looking for a squad to join I am a flex player that can play a lot of operators. I also have one more player. We are both plat 3 and plat 2 and we have been looking for forever. We want to have a consistent ranked squad and scrim that actually win.
  • RosieRosie Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    Message my Xbox account and I’ll tell you more about me fluffyfawn8776
  • XVI JatoftXVI Jatoft Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    GT: mevso
    Rank: Plat 1
    Role: flex/fragger
    Attack: zofia, IQ, sledge
    Defense: smoke, Jäger, vigil
  • rage kingrage king Member Posts: 13 Rookie
    Gt: monkeyman 7176
    Rank gold 3 last season
    Role support
    Attact thermite, ace, hibana
    Defence rook, doc, mozzie
  • AyceAyce Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    GT: Iconic Ayce
    Been plat every season since red crow
    Role: Support/Flex
    Attack: Ace, Maverick, and Fuze
    Defense: Frost, Bandit, and Mute
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