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(NA-West) Team Revolution

lama.Revolutionlama.Revolution Member Posts: 1 Visitor
We are a new Esports team that need members.
Must be 10+ 
level 50+
Available for weekly clan practice.


  • HerxeHerxe Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    Hello, I'm new to ESL and have decided to up my level of play. I came to PC in the beginning of Feb. and have progressed since then. I have a good set of skills. I came from Xbox being a level 223. I have the game knowledge and awareness required to be successful. Ever since I have came to PC I have hit Plat 2 twice and Plat 3 once. I have a K.D of 1.6 and consider myself a fragger. I am very flexible when it comes to playing support when we are down or need the extra person pushing site directly or am needed to help hold down site on defense. I am a team player when needed. I have good communication skills and am fully aware of every call out on each map. If support is okay, I typically aim for utility when playing entry fragger to not only help me push inside but to help the team. If I am not needed, I play my best when I don't need to help with site and focus on my role, fragging.
  • PointingGamingPointingGaming Member Posts: 15 Rookie
    For a proper Esports team even to participate in most basic events the participants are required to be at least 13 years old. Not to mention your major lack of information, or any detail possible. You should probably start before trying to make a team, make a new post with more in depth information on what you are looking for. Do you have roles filled already?, What roles are currently available?, What ranks are you guys specifically looking for?. Maybe add some Contact information such as a discord link, discord id to add you from, or maybe even your Uplay so people can search you up.

    Most people aren't going to be willing to join a team out of the blue with little to no information about said team.
  • GalacticVoid367GalacticVoid367 Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Hi! I have been playing pc since I was 6 years old and have played many fps games including Rainbow Six Siege, one of my favorite games so far. Over the last couple months, I have been struggling with finding players with the same competitivity that I posess. I am always open to critisism, new strats, working hard, and grinding till my eyes bleed. I play almost everyday and look forward to hearing from you! I am so tired of solo queing and I need a team to work with. Please contact me at your earliest convinience @ Void.HEXED#5786. Thank you and have a nice day!
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