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[NA] Gaming org scouting for RL players! Competitive and community!

Coach DopeCoach Dope Member Posts: 4 Rookie
Hiya! Coach Dope here! I'm the manager of Fractured Memories Rocket League, and I'm looking for Champ 1+ players to join our roster. We previously had a A/B/C team structure, but we're trying something new. We have a locked in A team, but we're going to make the B and C team larger rosters of 9 people each, rather than 3. This way, theres variety in the teams so that everyone has room to find who they work best with.

If you make it onto the team, you will be treated with respect, meaning you will be included in meetings, tournaments, possible contracting, and more. We don't really do the whole substitutes thing, we believe that everybody has a chance to make it to the top.

In short, I'm looking for 14 new players to add to the Fractured Memories comp RL team. If this sounds like something you're interested in, lemme know on discord @ dopehemmo#2964. 

You can also just come and join our community discord to hang out and play some games! Thats okay too. We have a lot more than just RL!
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