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LPG looking for players for tourney going on now

PureLuck_LPGPureLuck_LPG Member Posts: 16 Rookie
We are competing in Pleb League and need more players now as some players have not shown for our last game. No rank required. Ask for you to be at least 14, have a mic, and non toxic. If you want to join then join our discord and fill out the form in the stats section under new members and dm me and let me know that's what you are applying for. https://discord.gg/gQSxUsX


  • Dkoyh-Dkoyh- Member Posts: 3 One post wonder
    I’m interested in joining Am Plat 2 Right now Close to Plat 1 Hit Plat 1 last season and close to diamond. My PSN NAME is Dkoyh- Add me so we can talk business
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