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(NA) 2 main roster tryouts

tuski88tuski88 Member Posts: 106 Ambassador

Team Paraphernalia is currently looking for people interested in trying out for our main roster. We have sponsors, play leagues/tournaments constantly, as an org have a brother team whom we scrim and sub for each other when needed. We're looking for players who are dedicated to getting on as much as possible, players who are punctual and on time to matches. We're looking for people high gold to plat to try out for we are lower plat players ourselves. DM tuski88#8195 with..

Time zone-


  • Scrub_GangScrub_Gang Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Rank:was plat 1 plat 3 atm. 
    Role:flex, support
    Timezone- EST
    Availability: Any time past 4pm est

  • DaddyReemDaddyReem Member Posts: 2 One post wonder
    Role: Flex
    Timezone EST
    Uplay: DaddyReem.
    Availability: anytime
    Discord: DaddyReem#4552
  • Longdin19Longdin19 Member Posts: 9 Rookie
    Rank-plat 3 
    Role-soft support and anchor
    Time zone-gmt
    Availability-currently just now whenever will vary once i go back to full time work 

  • BJT.BJT. Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Time zone-Mountian Standard
    Availability-past 6pm my time with random days off
  • GalacticVoid367GalacticVoid367 Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    Rank- Copper III (solo q 1.1kd)
    Age- 18
    Role- Anchor, support
    Time zone- Central Daylight Time
    Uplay- Void.HEXED
    Availability- Everyday before 2pm and after 11pm.....I am extremely dedicated and practice everyday to get better.
  • Yeti.DGYeti.DG Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Hey man I sent you my stuff on discord but I’ll recoup it all here.

    Yo I saw your recruitment on esl, if your still looking for players I’m currently a gold 2 with a 1.4 kd, I’m 21, I can play where you really need me I’m mainly soft support on attack and I roam on def, I’m from eastern standard time, I’m available all the time, sorry it’s late. Thanks
  • SlawthSlawth Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    Hi my name is slawth and i am looking for an esports team! I am currently 16 so not old enough to play in any official tournaments yet but i am atleast looking to be a content creator, if there are any unofficial tournaments that i would be in that would be great, im mainly looking to not solo que anymore for ranked since i can't go into any OFFICIAL esports leagues yet
    Discord: Slawth#7629
    Uplay: Dotty.r6
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